How our program works

CARE for AIDS has created an innovative model of care that engages local leaders, churches, and communities in caring for families affected by HIV/AIDS. We believe in a holistic model of care that addresses complex needs body + soul. 

CARE for AIDS operates centers in multiple communities throughout East Africa, and each center is located within a local church. Each center has two counselors who guide a class of 80 clients at a time through a nine-month program. Throughout the program these clients experience transformation in five key areas; physical, emotional, social, economic, and spiritual. We do this through a series of activities outlined below.


We aggregate existing services so that our clients can access them within the local church. Having access to nutrition, medication, spiritual support, education, and employment resources helps clients break the cycle of poverty and disease.

Some of Our partners include 

Economic Impact 

The economic impact of the CARE for AIDS model of care is often overlooked. Thanks to intentional partnerships and community involvement, we are able to operate our centers on a very lean budget. An investment of $300 will sponsor a family through the nine-month program, and that investment has an incredible return.