Alice and Ann

Alice and Ann are sisters. Together, they joined the CARE for AIDS program in Waithaka in 2015. Not long after enrollment, Ann had a stroke and had to drop out of the program; half of her body had been paralyzed. Her sister, Alice, unfortunately, wasn’t much better off. She struggled with an alcohol addiction and was drinking every day. She continued to participate in the CARE for AIDS program, but would often show up to the church drunk for her counseling sessions and group seminars. Alice was resistant to the Gospel at first, but slowly her heart softened. The teachings she heard at the CARE for AIDS program would stay with her and she would reflect on them for hours once she returned home. She would listen to the testimonies and transformational stories of others in the program and was encouraged that she, too, could change. Alice came to know Christ as her personal savior during her time in the CARE for AIDS program. She graduated as a very different woman than when she began the program nine months prior. “My life was completely transformed,” she says.

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Knowing how the testimonies of others had impacted her life, Alice began sharing her testimony. One of the people she shared her story with was her cousin Priscilla. After learning that her cousin was also HIV-positive, Alice encouraged Priscilla to join the CARE for AIDS program. When Priscilla joined the program at Waithaka last year, she was bedridden. While she was in the program, Priscilla came to know Christ as her personal savior. She also received medical and nutritional assistance and when she graduated in December of 2017 she was able to walk and dance with her fellow graduates in celebration.

Ann has slowly recovered from her stroke paralysis in 2015. She is fully mobile again and the only thing still affected is one of her hands, which keeps her from being able to grasp things like pens, utensils or cups. Having dropped out of the program in 2015, Ann re-enrolled in the program at Waithaka in March of this year. Since she’s not able to write, Alice joins her for all of the activities at the center to take notes for her. Alice is also relearning some of the skills alongside her sister. They hold one another accountable in taking their medication, saving their earnings, and practicing the skills they learn.

Isaac's Transformation

Isaac was born HIV positive. He never met his parents and he assumes they died of HIV-related causes when he was a baby. His two older brothers raised him and an uncle paid his way through most of school. Isaac is now 18 years old. He has not yet finished high school but is working as a cook and saving money so he can go back to finish his last two years. 

When Isaac joined the CARE for AIDS program in January this year, he was underweight and malnourished. Our staff soon found out that, because of the stigma he felt, Isaac had stopped taking his ARV medication. A few of the CARE for AIDS staff pitched in money to sponsor Isaac at a 2-week camp in Kijabe for young adults living with HIV/AIDS. Isaac was so weak at this point he could not even carry his own bag. Jude, one of the staff of Mathare center, carried his bags and accompanied him on the journey to Kijabe to drop him off for camp. 

Tragically, a large section of the Mathare community burned down in a fire soon after Isaac returned from camp. A stove exploded in one of the homes and quickly spread. Isaac’s home was one of the hundreds that burned completely to the ground. Overnight, Isaac was homeless.   

Isaac was one of three clients in the CARE for AIDS program in Mathare who had their homes destroyed in the fire. The center staff purchased a few weeks worth of supplies for each client. Isaac is pictured alongside the goods provided to him by CARE for AIDS when he received them in January.

After recovering from the shock of the fire and implementing some confidence skills he learned at camp, Isaac started his ARV treatment again and his health began to improve. He has attended each counseling session and empowerment workshop throughout the eight months he has been in the CARE for AIDS program and Jude does weekly check-ins to ensure he is adhering to his medicine. As you can tell from his most recent photo, he is gaining weight and strength again! His viral load is now undetectable and his immune system is healthy. Isaac looks forward to graduating from the program in October. 

 Isaac receiving supplies after the fire in January when he first joined the CARE for AIDS program

Isaac receiving supplies after the fire in January when he first joined the CARE for AIDS program

 Isaac in September after eight months in the CARE for AIDS program

Isaac in September after eight months in the CARE for AIDS program

Isaac's story is one of the thousands of client stories that show just how committed our center counselors are to the health and wellbeing of our clients. Your support allows our staff to live into their calling and change lives like Isaac's every day.  

Abdallah's First Bible

There are currently 600 Muslim clients in the CARE for AIDS program across Kenya and Tanzania. Many of these clients have never been exposed to the Gospel, and we are so honored to walk with them in their faith journies. Abdallah is one of our clients who recently graduated and is experiencing God in a new way because of the program. 

Abdallah Kazungu is a single father of three. He joined the CARE for AIDS program in Mtopanga, Mombasa after being referred there by the local clinic. As a dedicated Muslim, he was hesitant to participate in the spiritual counseling sessions, but he soon warmed up to the idea of connecting with the counselors and his classmates about spiritual growth. He even asked for a Bible that he could read at home with his children. 

Abdallah graduated from the CARE for AIDS program in August and has learned all of the skills necessary to care for himself.

"Through the program, I have been able to overcome fear and stigma and now live a happy, healthy, and peaceful life."


Linus: A Male Champion

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In 2012, Linus found out that he was HIV-positive. At the time, he was living a very risky lifestyle and was not being faithful to his wife— unfortunately, Linus often got very sick and brought various illnesses back into his home, infecting his wife and children. Linus’ wife is a community health worker, and heard about the CARE for AIDS program in Ahero through her professional network. She convinced Linus to join the program with her in 2017, and they went through the nine-month process together. 

Linus became a Christian in the program, and through a long process of counseling and reconciliation, he and his wife recommitted to their marriage. After he learned the importance of daily adherence to his ARV medication, Linus’ health began to stabilize. His viral load was lowering and he was determined not to bring any other infections or diseases into his home to harm his kids or his wife. His focus is on taking better care of his family, and he prays for God to protect them. Linus now reads his Bible daily and also teaches it to his children.

Linus’ dream is to be able to send his kids to a good school, so he’s practicing the crafts he learned in the CARE for AIDS seminars, including basket weaving and soap making, in order to sell his products in the market. He plans to save the money he makes to pay for his children’s school fees. Linus now volunteers as a male champion with CARE for AIDS in Ahero. When he meets another man who he thinks might be HIV positive, Linus discloses his HIV status to the man. He tells men in the community about how his life has changed in the CARE for AIDS program, including what he has learned about nutrition, adherence to medication, and the various skills and crafts he has learned. His hope is that he can recruit men in the community to join the program and that they, too, can become strong, God-fearing leaders in their families.

Hope Through Healing

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Caroline is an orphan. Her parents and only brother passed away when she was young. Without any family alive to help, the church became her family and her main source of help. Caroline has had stomach pain for almost seven years. It escalated to the point that she was having difficulty urinating, couldn’t sleep and had to get around by crawling on her knees as standing upright was too painful. When Caroline went to the doctor about her issues, she found out about her HIV status. Sadly, when they found out her status, Caroline’s church rejected her. She felt deserted, completely alone and even considered taking her own life.

One of Caroline’s friends is a former client of the CARE for AIDS program and took her to meet Judy, the health counselor at Dandora center. Judy immediately enrolled Caroline in the program. Not long after entering the program, Caroline started bleeding and Judy took her to the hospital to be examined. Unfortunately, the doctors were on strike and no care was available, but Judy was determined to find help for Caroline.

Caroline did not have medical insurance, so Judy enrolled her in the national health insurance program (NHIF) through assistance from the CARE for AIDS medical endowment fund and sent Caroline to a different hospital to receive care. At this new hospital, Caroline found out that an operation needed to be performed urgently on her stomach to remove a growth and stop her bleeding. Thanks to her new health insurance, her coverage enabled her to immediately go in for the operation. 

“Praise the Lord,” Caroline says, “Even though I am sick, I am thankful to now be getting better. There are others, like me, who also need help and cannot find any. I am so thankful for the help of CARE for AIDS. I am taking my medicine and I know I am going to get well. Life is precious. Praise the Lord.”

Caroline is asking for prayer as she continues to heal from surgery so that she can get back to her normal life and be able to work again to provide for herself.

A small gift to CARE for AIDS can make a huge difference in a client's life. Enrolling Caroline into NHIF only cost $85 and allowed her to get life-saving surgery. You can give to help clients like Caroline here.