Susan Wambura

Susan Wambura is one of the lucky ones.

At the time of her HIV diagnosis, she was also pregnant with her first child. As would be expected, Susan was flooded with fear about the health of her unborn child. Would the baby suffer? Would it also have to live with the virus?

Miraculously, the answer was no. In 2008, Susan gave birth to a healthy, happy baby.

“I had thought my life was finished,” she says of her pregnancy and diagnosis. “I understand now, after coming to the CARE for AIDS center, that if you take your medications as prescribed, you can be safe.”

And thanks to CARE for AIDS, hundreds of lives are being saved, just like Susan and her baby.

“When I came to the center, I met others like me,” she says. “And I see that life can be the same as it was [before HIV]. There are other diseases out there, and people live with them normally. HIV is the same.”

“Life is not that bad,” she continues. “And I have the strength now to keep on living.”