Jacqueline Mueni

Jacqueline learned that she had contracted HIV just three short years ago. She had fallen ill and was taken to a local hospital to receive treatment. While she was there, the doctors decided she needed to be tested for the virus, and sadly, the diagnosis came back positive. 

"It was hard," she says, remembering that day. "And my husband was tested, too. But his results were negative." 


This is a unique challenge that many couples in Kenya face. Often, both the man and the woman are living with the disease but aren't aware of their status. Often one member of the couple is positive, but doesn't find out until after the couple has married, making it much more difficult to move forward in a healthy relationship. This is the challenge that Jacqueline and her husband faced in their marriage, but they never lost hope. 

"Your families might reject you," she says, "but this disease is not death. It doesn't have to be."