Elizabeth Njeri

“I have learned it is good to laugh,” says Elizabeth Njeri, a widowed mother of four. “There are many challenges in life...but I am encouraged.”

Encouraged by the simple things in life, like reading her Bible and sharing time in fellowship with those who are closest to her.

After Elizabeth’s husband passed away of cancer in 2011, she moved to her current home in order to escape the unwanted advances of men who made her feel unsafe. And despite being diagnosed with HIV, she says today she finally feels at peace with her life.

“There are many challenges,” Elizabeth admits, “like getting enough food for my children and paying their school fees, but I have a small business selling porridge and chapatti, and I’m trying to do everything I can to support my family.”

When she needs encouragement, Elizabeth says she turns to Psalm 67, which declares God’s blessing on the people who are devoted to Him and praises Him for all His good works.

“That is my favorite Scripture,” she says. “And I hope my kids will learn about faith from me. I want them to take care of themselves. And more than anything I want them to fear God.”