Millicent Akoth

“I am holding onto the Word of God,” says Millicent.

“When things are going tough, I get on my knees and seek a way out.” Her mother died when Millicent was seven months old. Her relationships with her stepmothers were devastating. Her father tried time and time again to keep her in school, but eventually, she was forced to drop out.

“I got married in the year 2002. By 2010, I had six children. I started feeling sick. I tried going for treatment and nothing changed. When I decided to get tested for HIV, I was told to return with my husband so he could be tested, too. He turned out to be negative. He abandoned us. Now I am both the father and the mother.” To care for her children, Millicent began cooking and selling fish. The small business was successful until all her belongings were stolen. In the CARE for AIDS program, Millicent began to have hope for herself and her family. “Life is difficult, but I appreciate what I have been given. My prayer is that I can go back to business, and my children can go to school. When I go for my counseling, I leave with a lighter burden.”