Lucy Kimani

“Light, like mine, must come from God.”

Lucy lives in a slum called Kian-dutu just outside of Nairobi. She found she was HIV positive in 2008 and was fearful that death would soon follow. After she knew her status, Lucy felt her life was consumed by darkness. 

“When I discovered my status, it made me feel intimidated. It made me feel very small. All throughout Kenya at the time, it was being said that whoever had HIV must be dying soon.”

When Lucy found CARE for AIDS, though, her life changed dramatically. She started attending the program in her community to receive food and soon started attending Bible study with other members of the class. Eventually, Lucy accepted Christ and her life was once again filled with hope.

Shortly after joining the CARE for AIDS program, Lucy got a job with a local education program in her community. “Most of the children I work with are HIV positive. I focus on showing them the love of God and the joy which is found in Christ … it is the easiest way to make them feel healed, to make them feel whole.”

Lucy’s life is now filled with joy, which shows in her work. “I spread the truth to people, and that makes me joyful. It is my pride. I thank God for CARE for AIDS,” Lucy says, “for it has changed my life fully.”