Charles Ogoya

“When my children grow up,” says Charles quietly, “I will ask them to forgive us for what has happened. I give my young son medicine in the morning."

"I can’t explain what is happening, but I am praying for God to help us continue our lives. When he is older, I have promised I will tell him.” When Charles and his wife were diagnosed with HIV, he helped his wife with her medication but refused to face his own diagnosis until her death. Unfortunately, their young son was also HIV positive.

“We buried her and a few months later, our boy was sick, too,” he says. “We went to the hospital, and it came back that he was also HIV positive. I said, ‘Help, please. I lost my wife. The child is also sick.’ The doctor told me not to worry, ‘Whatever comes, you have already been affected. Give your child this medicine so he can grow.’” A year later, Charles learned about CARE for AIDS. The program has helped Charles balance the needs of his son with his own treatment. He has learned the importance of diet, adherence to his medication, and skills to help him work and provide for his family. Despite the fact that Charles has remained very private about his diagnosis, he is still positive about the future. “I am not worried. I don’t think: ‘I will die; I can’t work; I won’t be able to go on.’ I just feel at ease … I support my children … the most important thing.”