Beatrice Wambui

Beatrice discovered she was HIV positive during a time in her life when she should have been able to celebrate – she was pregnant with her first child. Six months later, Beatrice lost her baby, and sadly, she has not been able to conceive again. Still, she knows that her diagnosis is not a death sentence but an opportunity to share her life with others.

“I am born again,” Beatrice says. “And ever since I joined the CARE for AIDS program, I have seen big changes in my life both spiritually and physically.” Like every client who participates in CARE for AIDS’ nine-month program, Beatrice receives counseling on a variety of health and spiritual issues, along with nutritional guidance. She also has the opportunity to learn new skills to help her earn a living for her family. “I can do things I couldn’t do before,” she says. “And now I have the Word of God, too. Before I was in the program, my life was not going well. I struggled to get food. I couldn’t work. But now I live a different life.” And even though it’s easy to get discouraged, Beatrice says she knows the solution to that problem. “I pray to God every day. And when I do this, I know I am putting my problems into the right hands.”