Welcome to the Beyond Blood Launch Team! We're thrilled to finally see this book release to the world, and your help will be crucial in ensuring that we can tell this important story to the most people.

We need you to do three main things:

Post about Beyond Blood on your social media accounts

Review the book on Amazon and Goodreads

Preorder books.

Social media and online recommendations are how the most people will find out about Beyond Blood - and the more posts and reviews we have, the more likely it is to be recommended to people who don't know about the work of CARE for AIDS. Use the gallery below for shareable Beyond Blood images, and please share photos of your book when you get it!

Use the hashtag #BeyondBlood and tag @careforaids in your posts. We’ll check and repost your images!

Preorders are another huge way Beyond Blood will get noticed. If you have friends or family who will connect with this story, buy them a book!

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