This mother's day, you can give life beyond aids

When you give, 100% of your donation goes to our programs in Africa.

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Honor the strong mothers in your life by giving to empower women in East Africa this Mother's Day. Your gift will go to help women like Sibhros thrive.

Sibhros moved to Kenya from Uganda and started dating a man she met in the Kawangware community. They lived together and he took good care of her, but when she became pregnant he left her. She soon found out that he had a wife and another family, and he abandoned her and their unborn child. Sibhros was so distraught she planned to kill her baby and take her own life. While she was in this very dark place, she met Salome and Peter, counselors at the CARE for AIDS center in Kawangware.

Salome counseled Sibhros through her depression and helped her accept the new child as a blessing, not a curse. Sibhros gave birth to a healthy, HIV-negative baby girl and is now able to sustain herself and her child through the skills she learned in the program. 

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