Beatrice: 2018 Ngando Graduate


Beatrice is a client at Ngando center. She is 40 years old and has one 18-year-old son. After finding out her HIV status over a year, Beatrice’s husband left her. She’s been adhering to her ARV medication since finding out her status and her health has improved. Beatrice currently lives with her 5 siblings. After the passing of their parents, life was difficult for many of her siblings, so they are living together to support and encourage one another.

Beatrice is a self-employed seamstress. She’s been doing this work since her son was born 18 years ago. She now has her own shop where she works and sells the clothes that she makes. Business goes up and down in different seasons, and she’s grateful for what she’s been able to learn from the CARE for AIDS seminars that she can use to improve her business, even in the slow times. She’s learned creative ways to market herself through the Business Creativity seminar and she’s also learned smart new ways to save money through the Budgeting and Saving seminar. She knows that from what she’s learned she’ll be able to get more clients, expand her business and save more money so that she can continue to support herself and her siblings.

Beatrice is currently working on a dress for Jennifer, the health counselor at Ngando and a suit for Nicholas, the spiritual counselor. She is grateful for all the counseling and support they have given her already through the CARE for AIDS program. She has a renewed hope and joy for life because of the program. We are excited to see the outfits that Beatrice designs and creates for them!