Njau: 2017 Mathare Graduate


"We were left out to die," says Njau. "Our family stopped caring about us when they found we were HIV-positive. They refer to us as The sick Family. We have been living our lives abandoned. Most of our family resources were taken away from us. Now we live in dire poverty and struggle to put a single meal on the table.

All this caused me to be bitter with life and I desired to inflict pain on others. At some point, I almost returned to my former life as a thug. But somehow I was afraid to die and leave my father hopeless.

My life changed after I was enrolled in the CFA program. To me, it's not just a program but a Family that loves and cares for me the way I am.

The counseling sessions have helped me cope with a lot of issues and now I love my life. In the program, I have met other men who encourage me. Now I know I can live a long life even with my condition. I have learned some skills that I and my sister can use to bring income. I have also come to love the Lord Jesus. The word of God helps me see his hand in my life.

I know God still has another plan in place for me. Your work is not in vain. I am living proof.”