Esther: 2016 Githurai Graduate

Esther* was the youngest client in the 2016 class in Githurai. She was 20 years old when she joined the program and has known about her HIV status for years. When Esther was a little girl she was sexually abused by a relative who lived in the community near her family home. Traumatized by this abuse, she began sleeping with multiple men in her teen years and eventually found that she was HIV-positive. When she entered the program she was extremely depressed and harbored a great deal of resentment toward her former abuser. A few months into the program Esther confided to Rose (the center’s Health Counselor) that she was planning on contacting the man who had abused her when she was a child and meeting up with him. Her goal was to infect him with HIV. She felt that this was the only way she could feel peace after all she had been through- she wanted to cause him as much pain as he had caused her.

When Rose heard Esther’s plan she pleaded with her to reconsider. After hours of conversation with Rose and Frederick that same day, Esther accepted Christ for the first time. Esther ended up not contacting her former abuser. Thanks to the extensive trauma-informed counseling she receieved thorught the nine-month program, Esther began to heal from her hurt and resentment. She is an active member of the church, and we are excited to see the Lord continue to work in her life.

*Esther is not the client’s real name. Because of the sensitive nature of her story, we would like to keep her identity confidential.