Zihurra: 2018 Tassia Graduate

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When Zihurra found that she was HIV-positive, she wanted to die. Her husband had left her to care for their 1-month old baby alone, and she had no way of making money. She was lonely and feared for her son's future. Her anxiety about the future overtook her life, and she stopped taking her ARV medication. She quickly became very sick. Eventually, her sickness drove her to the local clinic, where she was referred to the CARE for AIDS program at Christ Church Tassia.

When she first joined the program, Zihurra's viral load was high and her immune system was weak. She told the center counselors truth about not taking her medications, but that she was ready to change and that she wanted to get better. She wanted to live and be the one to raise her son.

Zihurrah now has many new friends who she shares life with. She is an active member of a savings group, and she now fellowships at Christ Church. After hearing the Gospel from Dominic, Tassia Center's Spiritual Counselor, she accepted Christ as her personal savior. Zihurra celebrated her graduation from the program in mid-November, and she has a great deal of hope for the future of her family.