The Okoths


Sally is the first to tell you that her husband is a family man. Benedict is a loving husband and father, and he takes pride in providing for his family, but he wasn’t always that way.

The Okoths live in the Western region of Kenya in slum outside of Kisumu. Benedict discovered his HIV status in 2008, and after his diagnosis he began to drink to numb the social agony of stigma and his fear of imminent death. His drinking generally digressed into violence toward Sally and their four young children. Benedict’s depression and alcohol abuse eventually cost him his job, and their small home in the slums did not afford any escape for Sally.

A counselor from the local CARE for AIDS center eventually visited their home while recruiting clients for the program, and Benedict’s interest was piqued. Benedict joined the program, and after nine months with counselors and 70 other HIV+ clients, he had ended his drinking binges, gotten a steady job, and was providing for his family. Most importantly, had transformed into a tender and loving husband and father.