In the summer of 2007, Justin Miller, Zach Fallon, and Josh Titus, college students from the U.S., went on a mission trip to Kenya. There, they were confronted by the harsh realities of life for HIV-positive men and women. By God’s divine appointment, these friends were hosted during their trip by none other than Cornel Onyango and Duncan Kimani. These two visionary Kenyans shared a similar passion and calling for the marginalized people group living with HIV/AIDS. Seeing both the physical and spiritual needs of these suffering people, this group of college students with the help of these two Kenyans set out to make an impact. The answer was simple: church. They believed that little Kenyan churches had the power to become caregivers and providers for Kenya’s HIV-positive population. They believed that the church could be more than a house of worship but also a haven for medical care, life counseling, and HIV support. They understood that HIV does not have to be the end of life, but can be a beautiful opportunity for physical restoration and spiritual growth in Christ.

In October 2007, these college students started an organization called CARE for AIDS. As juniors in college, they began to raise the funds required to open the first ever CARE for AIDS center. That center, at Imani Baptist Church, opened its doors to the community in January 2008. The partnership formed with Cornel and Duncan continues to this day as they serve as the Country Directors for CARE for AIDS in Kenya. We are proud that our vision is Kenyan born and Kenyan raised. Our role as American partners is to provide the resources to equip and empower the people of Kenya to care for their own. As long as CARE for AIDS exists, there will always be Kenyans running the ministry on the ground.

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