Families for Families 

We want our kids to know and love God in a way that compels them to love and serve. Families for Families is an initiative that exists to equip and encourage parents in the U.S. to create an environment within their homes that teaches these values. Through an interactive, quarterly e-newsletter, Families for Families provides a toolbox for you and your family to learn about and connect with a family of CARE for AIDS clients in East Africa. With activities, prayers, Bible lessons and conversation starters that get your kids thinking and loving globally, Families for Families is the first step in expanding your child's heart and worldview. At the end of the day, we want our kids to realize that we all more alike than different. 

Doing good is simple. And we look forward to helping your family learn and serve together to impact families in East Africa. Together we can make a BIG difference! 


Meet the volunteers in charge 


Kylie White: Kylie White is a mom of 4 elementary schoolers (Reese, Wheeler, Maran, and Levi)  and wife to her best friend John. They live in North Carolina and operate two Chick-fil-A restaurants. Her eyes were opened to the orphan crisis through adoption and her passion ever since has been orphan prevention. Her family first got connected to CARE for AIDS through a friend and went on a trip in 2013. They lead trips regularly to spread the excitement about all God is doing in East Africa. Her heartbeat for her children is generosity and for them to see that following Jesus is an exciting adventure. Families 4 Families is a natural next step as she engages other moms like herself to live on purpose beyond the 4 walls of their home.  

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