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Health Counselor, Josephine

Josephine joined the CARE for AIDS team in 2017 and serves as the Ujamaa Center’s Health Counselor.

Spiritual Counselor, Raphael Msangi Ruphus

Raphael grew up in coast region at Kwale County in Waa location. Today he is married to Jeniffer and serves with CFA. He joined in 2017 because he wanted to change people's lives. It brings him happiness to assist others. He dreams of continuing his own education, pursuing a degree in theology.


Center history

Year graduates Faith-Decisions Orphans prevented

2018-2019 72 1 227

2019-2020 TBD TBD TBD

Graduate Profiles

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Katherine found out she was HIV-positive in 2005 after her husband passed away because of AIDS. Sadly, he had refused to see a doctor about his condition. When he passed, Katherine went to the hospital and got tested. When she found out she was positive, she had her kids tested and her youngest daughter was positive as well. They started on ARV treatment together. Now the sole provider for her family, Katherine began selling firewood to make money. Eventually, she added baby diapers and socks to her supply and began selling as well. Once she had enough money, she built a small kiosk next to her house where she could set up her business each day. She was making enough most months to keep her children fed and their rent paid, but she felt alone and tired.

Katherine found out about the CARE for AIDS program at Ujamaa from a friend who was part of the program in a nearby community, Mtongwe. She joined Ujamaa center and has made many new friends in the program. For Katherine, the best part of the program has been these new friends who feel like family. They visit one another in their homes and encourage one another. Katherine no longer feels alone in this journey.

She has already started using what she’s learned in the seminar skills training to add items to sell in her shop. She is now making and selling keychains, bead necklaces, table decorations, soap and stain remover. She’s also teaching her daughter the skills she’s learning and they practice together after her daughter gets home from school each day. Katherine wants to go far and doing something meaningful with her life to glorify God. Her dream is to make enough that can share her profits with those who have less.

Mukuru Kayaba Center

community profile

The CARE for AIDS center in the Mukuru Kayaba community launched in late 2017. Mukuru Kayaba is a slum community in Nairobi with an estimated population of 185,000. Many community members are living in extreme poverty and have little to no education. The infection rate is high due to poverty and lack of access to healthcare. 

The CARE for AIDS center in Mukuru Kayaba operates in partnership with Kayaba PEFA Church

Center Staff

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Center History

Year graduates Faith-Decisions Orphans prevented

2018-2019 81 1 281

Graduate Profiles

Mukuru Kayaba Beatrice.jpg

In 2013, Beatrice began rapidly losing weight and became very weak. When she went to the local clinic for a checkup, she was told she was HIV-positive. Beatrice was devastated and immediately started worrying about the future of her young daughter. She asked God to give her strength and provide a way for her to survive despite her diagnosis. Beatrice heard about the CARE for AIDS program at Mukuru Kayaba in 2018 from a community health volunteer. She has only been a part of the program for a few months but is already so grateful for all the program has done for her. Many of her classmates are her friends and neighbors and she has a new confidence knowing that she is not the only one with HIV.

“We are many and I am encouraged knowing that I am not alone and that we have CFA behind us." Currently, Beatrice makes her living by washing clothes for others. She has already learned through the CARE for AIDS program how to make peanut butter and is saving her money to buy the machine needed to make it in bulk. Not many people in her community are making and selling peanut butter, so she knows she will have a sustainable market for her product. Beatrice is excited about learning even more skills over the next few months. She is determined not to miss a single seminar or counseling session. “God has sustained me. He has given me the strength and courage I need to raise my daughter. I’m proud of who I am now and I am working for the Lord."

Tassia Center

Community Profile

The Tassia community is located in the Nairobi Eastlands and has an estimated population of 37,000, most of whom are unemployed and live in extreme poverty. The HIV infection rate in Tassia is reported at 12%, and the community is known for its high rate of drunkenness, prostitution, and crime. The CARE for AIDS center in Tassia operates in partnership with Christ Community Church of Tassia under the leadership of Reverend Daniel Makara. 

Center Staff


Spiritual Counselor: Dominic Muchir

Dominic joined CFA in 2017 because he has a passion for the needy in society. He and his wife Mary, have two children. His favorite part of the job is, “When I am helping people know themselves better and grow closer to God.

Medical Counselor: Ruth Wambui Kamau

Ruth grew up in Nairobi, the first of six children raised by a single mom. Today she is married raising three children of her own. She joined CFA to bring hope to the hopeless and to love the unlovable. She feels a calling to serve through CFA.

“My dream for the clients is to see them overcome the stigma of HIV ,and be able to stand and take care of their families.”


Center History

Year graduates Faith-Decisions Orphans prevented

2017-2018 75 11 250

2018-2019 TBD TBD TBD

graduate profiles

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When Zihurra found that she was HIV-positive, she wanted to die. Her husband had left her to care for their 1-month old baby alone, and she had no way of making money. She was lonely and feared for her son's future. Her anxiety about the future overtook her life, and she stopped taking her ARV medication. She quickly became very sick. Eventually, her sickness drove her to the local clinic, where she was referred to the CARE for AIDS program at Christ Church Tassia.

When she first joined the program, Zihurra's viral load was high and her immune system was weak. She told the center counselors truth about not taking her medications, but that she was ready to change and that she wanted to get better. She wanted to live and be the one to raise her son. Zihurrah now has many new friends who she shares life with. She is an active member of a savings group, and she now fellowships at Christ Church. After hearing the Gospel from Dominic, Tassia Center's Spiritual Counselor, she accepted Christ as her personal savior. Zihurra celebrated her graduation from the program in mid-November, and she has a great deal of hope for the future of her family.

Mtongwe Center

community profile

The CARE for AIDS center in the Mtongwe community launched in July of 2017. Mtongwe is a slum community in the outskirts of Mombasa Town - the community has a high HIV infection rate which is largely caused by prostitution. The CARE for AIDS center in Mtongwe operates in partnership with Deliverance Church Mtongwe under the leadership of Bishop Michael Onyango and center counselors Gideon Mtuku and Elina Goho.


center staff


Medical Counselor, Elina Goho

Elina grew up in Mombasa, in a family of 9 people who love to learn new things. She joined CFA in 2017. When asked what motivated her, Elina says, “I have a passion to work with the community, especially people living with HIV/AIDS since one of my family members was infected." She loves to see clients changing physically and to be able to support themselves through the skills that are being taught.

Spiritual Counselor, Gideon Mutuku

Gideon grew up in Mombasa in a Christian family. In 2017 he began serving with CFA. Gideon's favorite part of the job is one on one counseling. "I love when I get to impart God’s love and bring healing to the broken, hope to the discouraged and add value to the clients by uplifting them up in faith. Praying with them also melts my heart.”


center history

Year graduates Faith-Decisions Orphans prevented

2017-2018 77 7 589

2018-2019 78 11 416

graduate profiles

“Glory, glory, glory to God. We were in the dark and now we see the light. We came here poor, tired… but now we are all rich, active, and ready to start a new life. We are now the fishers and the teachers who will find those suffering out there and bring them to see. I shall not die. I shall live and declare what the lord has done.”

- Peter Abdullah, 2019 Mtongwe Graduate


Tandale Center

community profile

The CARE for AIDS center in the Tandale community in Dar es Salaam Tanzania launched in July of 2017. Tandale is a densely populated community with a prominent sex industry and a high HIV infection rate. Community members have very little access to education and medical care and most live in extreme poverty. The CARE for AIDS center in Tandale operates in partnership with Kivukoni Evangelistic Church under the leadership of Bishop David Mwasota and center counselors Shadrack Julius and Judith Komba.

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center staff


Spiritual Counselor, Judith Joakim Komba

Geen began serving with CFA in 2017. She and her husband Andrew have three children. She says her family is Christian and likes to be close to God because He is everything for us. She serves with CFA because "I want to be close to and help the community. I want to ensure people receive all that CFA is offering. I want to serve people and ensure they know Christ.”

Health Counselor, Shedrack Julius Fungo

Shedrack grew up in Tanzania Dodoma in the Kongwa village. Today he is married to Thekia and has been serving with CFA since 2017. He joined out of a love for people and desire to serve.


center history

Year graduates Faith-Decisions Orphans prevented

2017-2018 79 38 174

2018-2019 79 TBD 80

2019-2020 80 20 80

Gradaute profiles

2019 Tandale Update from Regional Coordinator, Emmanuel Nkwamu

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