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Ziwani (Majengo Village) has an estimated population of 25,000 and is divided into four sub-settlements— Sofia, Mashimoni, Katanga, and Digo. The majority of the community’s residents live in shared room plots with an average of 6 occupants per room. Many of the housing plots lack access to electricity, and are made of scrap materials and mud. Ziwani has a high HIV infection rate mainly because of the commercial sex industry. The population of the community is extremely diverse, and there is a strong Muslim presence.  

"You walk around our community and see there are so many needs. We are grateful to be the conduit by which God meets some of those needs. We trust Him to meet the rest." - Pastor Regina, Ziwani


center staff


Spiritual Counselor, Kefa Naya:

Kefa grew up in Ziwani, Nairobi and is now serving in the same community where he was raised. “When the opportunity to serve the suffering people in my community, I thanked God that I got the privilege to do so.” Kefa wants supporters to know,

“You are not only giving money but also hope, care, and a platform to show God’s love to a hurting world. Thank you so so so much, and God richly bless you all.”

Health Counselor, Lillian Munki:

Lillian joined the CARE for AIDS team in 2016 and serves as the Health Counselor at Ziwani. She is pictured here with her “miracle baby”, Aliza! Lillian says, “The church can fully embrace people with HIV.” She wants to be an example in her community and she believes CARE for AIDS can bring an end to the stigma of a positive status.

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2016-2017 60 14 105

2017-2018 63 8 155

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graduate profiles

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SUSAN: Susan joined the CARE for AIDS program at Ziwani in 2016. Before joining the program she had kept her HIV status secret for years- even from her husband and son. Susan was terrified of her family finding out about her status for fear they would abandon her, but a few months into the program she gained the courage to speak with them openly about her disease. She has found an incredible amount of healing both physically and spiritually during the nine-month program. She and her husband are discordant, but are still together and are working through their challenges in a healthy way.

Susan is now a proud CARE for AIDS graduate and she continues to be an ambassador for the program in her community.


The CARE for AIDS center in Ziwani is supported by a community of friends and neighbors in Johns Creek, GA. 

"After our introduction to CARE for AIDS several years ago the Lord began planting seeds in our hearts.  Seeds that one day would grow into a desire to support a center in Africa to help those in need.  A desire grew to follow Jesus' command to help those who are hurting and in need.  We also wanted our children to grow up with an others first mentality.  We wanted them to be part of a family that pours their lives, hearts, hands, and resources into the lives of the least fortunate.  We live in a culture that is broken, selfish, and full of sin. To spend our family's time, possessions, interests dedicated to serving others in need is not a popular way to live, it's counter cultural...and it's exactly the direction we wanted our lives to take.  We desire to see our center grow, invest, nourish and bring sustenance to all who walk through it's doors.  We believe our God is faithful to his promises to keep and provide for all those who call on his name.  And we want to share that name with all who connect with the Ziwani Center.  His name and his renown are the desire of our hearts.  May this center be a place for his great commission and his renown to be proclaimed and made known." - Katie and Ryan Grant