Tudor Center

The CARE for AIDS center in Tudor opened in 2015 at Reachout Emmanuel Baptist Church. The church is led by Pastor Simon Mwangi. 


Health Counselor: Rose Mbega

Rose joined the CARE for AIDS team in June of 2015 and is passionate about her work with HIV+ parents. Her favorite part of the job is when she sees clients improve physically, economically and spiritually. 


 Spiritual Counselor: Samson Kombe 

Samson and his wife, Hellen, have one young son. Samson joined the CARE for AIDS team in 2015 and is passionate about sharing the Gospel. He wants sponsors to know,  “They are doing a good job, and transform many lives of people here in Kenya. The staff is also challenged."


Client Story 

 My name is Pauline Saha. I am a mother of 3. It's about six years now since I tested HIV positive. I found out when I was pregnant with my last born child during the mandatory anti natal clinics. I  was shocked and worried that my husband would chase me away. I later lied to my husband that the anti natal clinic insisted that my husband be there with me for and that we should be both tested. I also asked the counselor to act as if she was testing us for the first time. My husband agreed and he tested negative. He saw my results and we both received counseling. Soon after the clinic after we got home my husband changed for the worst. I was rejected, discriminated against, denied conjugal rights, my husband never used to even touch me- afraid that he would contract the virus through my sweat. After a long battle with stigma from right, left and center, God has been faithful and today my husband has changed to love me as I am and together we are bring up our children.