Tassia Center

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The Tassia community is located in the Nairobi Eastlands and has an estimated population of 37,000, most of whom are unemployed and live in extreme poverty. The HIV infection rate in Tassia is reported at 12%, and the community is known for its high rate of drunkenness, prostitution, and crime. The CARE for AIDS center in Tassia operates in partnership with Christ Community Church of Tassia under the leadership of Reverend Daniel Makara. 


Spiritual Counselor: Dominic Muchir

Dominic joined CFA in 2017 because he has a passion for the needy in society.  He and his wife Mary, have two children.  His favorite part of the job is, “When I am helping people know themselves better and grow closer to God.


Medical Counselor: Ruth Wambui Kamau

Ruth grew up in Nairobi, the first of six children raised by a single mom.  Today she is married raising three children of her own. She joined CFA to bring hope to the hopeless and to love the unlovable.  She feels a calling to serve through CFA.   

“My dream for the clients is to see them overcome the stigma of HIV ,and be able to stand and take care of their families.”