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Health Counselor, Josephine

Josephine joined the CARE for AIDS team in 2017 and serves as the Ujamaa Center’s Health Counselor.

Spiritual Counselor, Raphael Msangi Ruphus

Raphael grew up in coast region at Kwale County in Waa location. Today he is married to Jeniffer and serves with CFA. He joined in 2017 because he wanted to change people's lives. It brings him happiness to assist others. He dreams of continuing his own education, pursuing a degree in theology.


Center history

Year graduates Faith-Decisions Orphans prevented

2018-2019 72 1 227

2019-2020 TBD TBD TBD

Graduate Profiles

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Katherine found out she was HIV-positive in 2005 after her husband passed away because of AIDS. Sadly, he had refused to see a doctor about his condition. When he passed, Katherine went to the hospital and got tested. When she found out she was positive, she had her kids tested and her youngest daughter was positive as well. They started on ARV treatment together. Now the sole provider for her family, Katherine began selling firewood to make money. Eventually, she added baby diapers and socks to her supply and began selling as well. Once she had enough money, she built a small kiosk next to her house where she could set up her business each day. She was making enough most months to keep her children fed and their rent paid, but she felt alone and tired.

Katherine found out about the CARE for AIDS program at Ujamaa from a friend who was part of the program in a nearby community, Mtongwe. She joined Ujamaa center and has made many new friends in the program. For Katherine, the best part of the program has been these new friends who feel like family. They visit one another in their homes and encourage one another. Katherine no longer feels alone in this journey.

She has already started using what she’s learned in the seminar skills training to add items to sell in her shop. She is now making and selling keychains, bead necklaces, table decorations, soap and stain remover. She’s also teaching her daughter the skills she’s learning and they practice together after her daughter gets home from school each day. Katherine wants to go far and doing something meaningful with her life to glorify God. Her dream is to make enough that can share her profits with those who have less.

Mtongwe Center

community profile

The CARE for AIDS center in the Mtongwe community launched in July of 2017. Mtongwe is a slum community in the outskirts of Mombasa Town - the community has a high HIV infection rate which is largely caused by prostitution. The CARE for AIDS center in Mtongwe operates in partnership with Deliverance Church Mtongwe under the leadership of Bishop Michael Onyango and center counselors Gideon Mtuku and Elina Goho.


center staff


Medical Counselor, Elina Goho

Elina grew up in Mombasa, in a family of 9 people who love to learn new things. She joined CFA in 2017. When asked what motivated her, Elina says, “I have a passion to work with the community, especially people living with HIV/AIDS since one of my family members was infected." She loves to see clients changing physically and to be able to support themselves through the skills that are being taught.

Spiritual Counselor, Gideon Mutuku

Gideon grew up in Mombasa in a Christian family. In 2017 he began serving with CFA. Gideon's favorite part of the job is one on one counseling. "I love when I get to impart God’s love and bring healing to the broken, hope to the discouraged and add value to the clients by uplifting them up in faith. Praying with them also melts my heart.”


center history

Year graduates Faith-Decisions Orphans prevented

2017-2018 77 7 589

2018-2019 78 11 416

graduate profiles

“Glory, glory, glory to God. We were in the dark and now we see the light. We came here poor, tired… but now we are all rich, active, and ready to start a new life. We are now the fishers and the teachers who will find those suffering out there and bring them to see. I shall not die. I shall live and declare what the lord has done.”

- Peter Abdullah, 2019 Mtongwe Graduate


Likoni Center

community profile

Likoni is a community in Mombasa that is considered to be the poorest community in all of Mombasa County. There is a strong Muslim presence in this community, and there is a high rate of crime, intravenous drug use, prostitution, and teen pregnancy— all of which contribute to the unusually high rate of HIV (9.8%).


center staff


Health Counselor, Gladys Mati:

Gladys joined the CARE for AIDS team in August of 2017. This is her first job out of university and she feels right at home. Gladys feels called to serve the HIV+ population and has developed a great relationship with all of the clients in this class.

"This is a great cause of work and may the Lord Almighty give you the grace to continue giving as we continue to serve and change the lives of people living with HIV/AIDS.”

Spiritual Counselor, Matthew Atieno:

Matthew came on staff with CARE for AIDS in August of 2017 and loves his role at the center in Likoni.

“My goal for the clients is to allow them to have better future through the skills we teach. Also, for the ones who have no personal relationship with Christ, I work to assist them to know Christ.”


center history

Year graduates Faith-Decisions Orphans prevented

2017-2018 76 4 250

2018-2019 82 current TBD TBD

gradaute profiles

Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 4.20.24 PM.png

Nellie has been disabled since she was 14 years old. She uses crutches to help her walk and cannot get around easily. Her husband and passed away and she is now a single mother caring for two twin girls. Ever since her husband passed, she’s struggled to make ends meet since finding work that she is able to physically do is difficult. Nellie is a member at the church where CARE for AIDS opened a center in the Likoni community. The pastor announced during service that the program was open to enrollment and for anyone who was HIV positive and interested to talk to him later for more information. Unashamed of her status, Nellie went to the pastor immediately after the service to sign up.

In the CARE for AIDS program, Nellie has learned several new skills including how to make aloe vera soap, detergent, yogurt, floor mats, and beadwork. The great thing about all of these skills for Nellie is that she can do them from the comfort of her own home and the work isn’t straining on her body. She’s now able to keep herself busy creating these items at home and then either sells them at the market or has her girls sell them to others in the community. During the month when Likoni center had a seminar about how to create beadwork,

Nellie was almost kicked out of her house for not paying rent. Nellie was able to make and sell a beadwork handbag that she sold and made enough profit to pay both her rent and the power company for the month. Nellie is also grateful for the friendships she has formed in the CARE for AIDS program. A couple months ago, Nellie contracted malaria and wasn’t able to attend one of the seminars. After the seminar, Nellie’s new friends from the program brought extra supplies to her house and taught her how to make the mats they had learned about that day. Nellie says, “In CARE for AIDS, the counselors bring us together and then we all lift one another up.”

Help Support Likoni Center

The James family traveled to Kenya for the first time in 2018 and fell in love with the CARE for AIDS model of holistic care. We are thrilled to invite our friends to partner with us as we partner with Likoni Center in Mombasa. 

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Miritini Center

community profile

The CARE for AIDS center in the Miritini community (a suburb of Mombasa)  launched in 2017. The center is hosted in the Kenya Assemblies of God Church of Miritini. The Miritini community is in the Changamwe Sub-County, which is the Sub-County ranked second in HIV-prevalence in Mombasa. There are approximately 30,000 people living in the Miritini community, many of whom live in informal settlements and work day laborer jobs in the various Export Processing Zones near the neighborhood. 

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center staff



Clare joined the CARE for AIDS team in 2017. She is passionate about her work in the Miritini community and loves working with the clients.

"I love working at CARE for AIDS because it enables me to reach out and help the community.


Solomon joined the CARE for AIDS team in 2017 and has faithfully served clients in Miritini as the center's spiritual counselor. In the most recent graduating class, Solomon was honored to lead 20 clients to faith.


center history

Year graduates Faith-Decisions Orphans prevented

2017-2018 67 20 273

2018- 2019 76 15 203

2019-2020 80 current clients TBD TBD

graduate profiles

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When Hadija joined the CARE for AIDS program in 2017 she was strongly committed to Islam. She often wondered why she felt led to join a program hosted in a Christian church, but it all became clear to her when her husband suddenly passed away. The love and support she received from her classmates and counselors during that difficult time made her see the program as a gift from God. Her husband had been the income generator of their family, but because she was in the CARE for AIDS program, she was already learning skills so that she could employ herself and earn enough money to sustain her life after his death. “I am now a businesswoman,” she says.

Not only did she learn skills in the program, but Hadija also learned through the program how to forgive her husband. She had held bitterness in her heart for many years because she suspected her husband had infected her with HIV, but through CARE for AIDS she was able to understand the power of forgiveness and offered it to her husband before he died. 

Through CARE for AIDS, Hadija says she feels that she’s been drawn closer to God. She completed the entire Christian devotion booklet she received in her spiritual counseling sessions and she recently received her first Bible. She is currently reading her Bible and often shares what she’s read with her friends and neighbors. Hadija recently graduated from the CARE for AIDS program in Miritini, Mombasa and is thriving. She is currently helping out at other CARE for AIDS centers by encouraging and motivating Muslim clients to join and stay active in all parts of the program. We are excited to see God continue to draw her to Himself through her community, the local church, and the Word.

Screen Shot 2019-01-14 at 5.29.08 PM.png

Economic Empowerment seminar at Miritini Center, 2018


"I finally believe it is possible to send my children to University." - Betty, 2018 Miritini Center Graduate

Mtopanga Center

community profile

Mtopanga is a community in Mombasa with a dense population and high infection rate. CARE for AIDS began operations in partnership with the African Inland Church of Mtopanga in October 2016. 


center staff


Medical Counselor: Beatrice Cherono Bii

Spiritual Counselor, Douglas Mgolo

Douglas is married to Loise and they have two children. In 2015, Douglas joined CFA motivated by a desire to transform lives and to show love to the unlovable. He loves talking about Jesus to show clients there is hope.


center history

Year graduates Faith-Decisions Orphans prevented

2016-2017 68 8 241

2017-2018 50 8 162

2018-2019 69 4 209

graduate profiles


Esha, 2018 Graduate:

Esha found out she was HIV-positive when she was pregnant with her last born. She had married young and had a strained relationship with her husband, so she was hesitant to share with him about her status.

Esha learned about the CARE for AIDS program through another client and immediately joined. Although it was a risk for her to join a program in a Christian church, she has no regrets- she is less stressed, encouraged, and she has learned how to make liquid soap she can sell to make a living.

“To Muslims, it may be bad to go to this Christian church. But I think it’s good because it helps me. I want to be an advocate for others to join the program.”

Abdallah, 2017 Graduate:

Abdallah Kazungu is a single father of three. He joined the CARE for AIDS program in Mtopanga, Mombasa after being referred there by the local clinic. As a dedicated Muslim, he was hesitant to participate in the spiritual counseling sessions, but he soon warmed up to the idea of connecting with the counselors and his classmates about spiritual growth. He even asked for a Bible that he could read at home with his children.

Abdallah graduated from the program in August and has learned all of the skills necessary to care for himself and his children. " Through the program, I have been able to overcome fear and stigma and now live a happy, healthy and peaceful life." Join us in praying for Abdallah and his family- we are thrilled that the Lord has planted a seed in his life through the program and we are hopeful that he will continue in his faith journey.