Rongai Center

Community Profile

Rongai is a slum community in Naiorbi with a high prevalence of HIV infection. CARE for AIDS began operating a center in the Rongai community in partnership with Apostolic Faith Church in February of 2016. 

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Center staff


Health Counselor: Faith

Faith serves as the Health Counselor at the CARE for AIDS center in Rongai. She is passionate about helping clients learn how to manage their health and nutrition so they can live long, healthy lives!

Spiritual Counselor: Peter Maina

Peter has been employed with CFA since 2016. He and his wife Alice have two children. He grew up in central Kenya (Nyeri) with four brothers and five sisters. When asked why he works with CFA, Peter said, “I knew my calling and my purpose is to transform and equip people (client) for life. I want to give them hope and walk with them in their life.”

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Center History


2016-2017 68 27 87

2017-2018 80 22 226

2018-2019 75 19 187

graduate profiles

Rongai 2019 Center Update

Hear from Regional Coordinator, Thomas, about the progress of the Rongai center and other centers in the Nairobi West Region.

Margaret, 2017 Rongai Graduate:

Margaret joined the CARE for AIDS program at Rongai in 2017. She is the primary caretaker for her seven young grandchildren, and before the program she was too weak to work so they often went without school fees. At a seminar six months into the program, Margaret gave her testimony to her classmates. She spoke of how her life has changed because of the program and how she is now healthy enough to care for her whole family. Before she sat back down, she said, “AIDS, I have it”. The group laughed, because, of course, they’re all living with HIV/AIDS. But then she said, “I’ve never stood in front of a group and disclosed my status.” The class applauded, celebrating the confidence she’s gained through CARE for AIDS and the community she has found.

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