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Nyawita is a settlement in Kenya's Nyanza Province. It is located within Kisumu District, Winam Division. Nyawita is a sub-location that was once famous for being an economic hub for traders in the region; an activity that has since declined owing to many factors such as lack of a well established public transportation system to and from the settlement, among others. It now remains mainly a residential area with scattered shopping kiosks which its residents depend on daily. The CARE for AIDS center in the Nyawita slum of Kisumu opened in February of 2014. 


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Spiritual Counselor, Rhoda Awino Omondi

Rhoda joined CFA in 2014 out of concern for ht disowned in the community. "We give hope for the hopeless. It is a joy to see a dead body being brought back to life.” She loves bringing many souls back to Christ, joining different churches for fellowship.

“People see bones but I see an army of soldiers in the community fighting together with me to eradicate AIDS.”

Medical Counselor, Robert Ouko Ongaro

Robert grew up in Homa Bay, a small town away from Kisumu City. Today he is married with three children. He joined CFA in 2014 because “I like to see people empowered and even the hopeless given hope once again. Also to accomplish the mission of Jesus Christ which is evangelism.”


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2014-2015 71 19 257

2015-2016 67 26 223

2016-2017 74 34 435

2017-2018 78 24 281

2018-2019 67 21 183

2019-2020 78 28 185

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