Nuru Center

Nuru is a slum community in Kisumu, Kenya. The population density combined with extreme poverty rates in the Nuru community contribute to a high HIV infection rate. This area also has the largest Muslim population in Kisumu. The CARE for AIDS center in Nuru launched in October of 2011 in partnership with Full Gospel Church of Kenya under the leadership of Pastor Joseph Opere. The current class of 75 HIV+ clients is on track to graduate in September of 2018.


Health Counselor: Lillian Lukania

 Lillian joined the CARE for AIDS team in 2011. She and her husband, Rodgers, have two daughters and live in the Nuru community.

"I love when I am able to attend to bedridden clients and eventually see them walk again!"



Spiritual Counselor: Dan Nyamondo

Dan joined the CARE for AIDS team in 2011 and had faithfully served over 500 clients as the Spiritual Counselor in Nuru.

"I love serving people and I am proud to invest fully in my community through my work with CFA."


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