Nanga Center

Community Profile

The term "Dunga" refers to the westernmost section of the Nyalenda slum, which stretches along the Southern border of Kisumu. The Nanga community is located in the Dunga section of Kisumu, and is closest to Lake Victoria. This community has a similar composition to the areas served by the Central and Nyalenda centers. Because there is little education and healthcare for people living with HIV/AIDS, many men and women have died and left children behind as orphans. 

CARE for AIDS opened operations in the Nanga community in 2010 in partnership with Nanga Baptist Church. The center is currently in the Open Recruitment phase of the CARE for AIDS program.

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center staff


Medical Counselor, Rodah Namuye Nyamilowa:

Rodah grew up as a partial orphan struggling to sustain the family. Today she and her husband, Moses, have two children. She joined the CARE for AIDS team in 2015 with the hope of changing the lives of people living with HIV/AIDS. Her greatest desire is for her clients to know God.

Spiritual Counselor, Erick Omondi Johny

After overcoming an impoverished childhood, Erick joined CFA in 2015. He wants supporters to know, “The support is really changing people’s lives and empowering many families of center staffs and even the churches are increasing in population as clients join the churches. We are able to provide for our families thus being responsible in the society.”


Center history

Year graduates Faith-Decisions Orphans prevented

2010-2011 70 30 184

2011-2012 64 15 207

2012-2013 68 17 254

2013-2014 69 16 234

2014-2015 78 15 181

2015-2016 60 15 199

2016-2017 68 18 219

2017-2018 74 15 210

2018-2019 64 3 210

2019-2020 TBD TBD TBD

Graduate Profiles

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Judith, 2018 Nanga Graduate

Judith is a business owner, mother of seven, and grandmother of eight. She works to support her entire family and has known her HIV status for years. Judith is a fighter, and she joined the CARE for AIDS program in 2018. She takes comfort in her counseling sessions and in knowing that she is not alone in her journey. Judith recently accepted Christ for the first time, and she can feel a drastic change in her life since making that decision. Judith loves being part of the CARE for AIDS program and sums up her experience at Nanga center with one sentence: “I feel a peace now that I have never experienced."

The CARE for AIDS center in Nanga is sponsored by the generous employees of the Maxwell Group. Donate below to help support operations at Nanga center.