Mwiki Center


Mwiki is a slum in the larger community called Karasani on the outskirts of Nairobi. Karasani's population is estimated to be in excess of 200,000 residents and the community has a very high infection rate. CARE for AIDS began operation in the Mwiki neighborhood in partnership with Deliverance Church Mwiki in November of 2015. 


Spiritual Counselor, Lydiah Wanjiru Mathenge 

Lydiah grew up in a rural district of Central Kenya in a place called Nyandarua.  She was one of 11 kids in the family.  Today, Lydiah is married to Joseph and has 3 children.  She has been serving with CFA since 2015 and loves ministering to her clients.  

“It is my dream to have their lives transformed from their desperate situations, give their lives to Christ, work with their hands, and get back to their normal lives.”


Medical Counselor: Jesse Andika

Jesse grew up in Nairobi Mwiki, an area with a lot of challenges.  Throughout his life, he has dealt with poverty and having to see the difficulties that people endure. He joined CFA in 2017 because of his passion for life transformation.  

"Making an impact, to be able to see people’s lives change from worse to better has always been my greatest burden.”


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