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Mtwapa is known in Mombasa and throughout Kenya for its sex industry. It is located on Malindi Highway in Mombasa, and has an estimated population of 100,000. The HIV infection rate is currently at 5.4%. The population is growing at a rapid rate because of the tourist industry and an influx of big business (Coastal Bottlers, a Coca-Cola bottling plant is located in town). These factors combined with the prevalence of Islam have created a difficult environment for many church leaders. We are confident that with the right church partnership, we can make a huge impact in this community through the CARE for AIDS program. 


center staff


Health Counselor, Hildah

Hildah joined the CARE for AIDS team in 2017 and serves as the health counselor in Mtwapa.

Spiritual Counselor, Nimrod Kalama Tsuma

Nimrod began serving the Mtwapa center in 2017 as spiritual counselor. His favorite part of the job is giving hope to the hopeless, especially when preaching to them during seminars and counseling clients. His dream for each client is to see them transformed and empowered, practice the skills that they have learned.


center history


2016-2017 64 9 280

2017-2018 64 10 227

2018-2019 63 13 215

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