Mtongwe Center

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The CARE for AIDS center in the Mtongwe community launched in July of 2017. Mtongwe is a slum community in the outskirts of Mombasa Town - the community has a high HIV infection rate which is largely caused by prostitution. The CARE for AIDS center in Mtongwe operates in partnership with Deliverance Church Mtongwe (pictured below) under the leadership of Bishop Michael Onyango and center counselors Gideon Mtuku and Elina Goho.


Medical Counselor, Elina Goho   

Elina grew up in Mombasa, in a family of 9 people who love to learn new things.  She joined CFA in 2017. When asked what motivated her, Elina says,  “I have a passion to work with the community, especially people living with HIV/AIDS since one of my family members was infected." She loves to see clients changing physically and to be able to support themselves through the skills that are being taught.


Spiritual Counselor, Gideon Mutuku    

Gideon grew up in Mombasa in a Christian family. In 2017 he began serving with CFA.  He tells us he joined because “God picked me from mud and set me high. I wanted to extend the love of Christ to the community. The suffering of people with HIV really moved me. I wanted to be a vessel for the Lord to use to transform people and families.” Gideon's favorite part of the job is one on one counseling. "I love when I get to impart God’s love and bring healing to the broken, hope to the discouraged and add value to the clients by uplifting them up in faith. Praying with them also melts my heart.”