Mikindani Center

The CARE for AIDS center in Mikindani was the first center to launch in Mombasa. The center launched in January 2015, and has been met with a lot of excitement from clients and community members throughout the region. The partner church, Deliverance Church Mikindani, is led by Pastor Robert Ngatia and his wife Rachel. They are both very involved in the CARE for AIDS program- Rachel even helps lead group counseling for some of the female clients during the week. 


Medical Counselor, Sarah Njeri Githaiga    

Sarah grew up in Mombasa, adopted by her aunt.  She began serving as a medical counselor at the center in 2015. “I had a passion for the hopeless people to know that there is hope and they can live a good life.” She dreams for her clients to see their lives improving and to be filled with joy. 


Spiritual Counselor, John Dono Jacob 

John grew up in Kwale county in Kenya. Today he is married to Zulea and has one child, Emily.  In 2015 he began serving with CFA. “It is an avenue of helping my people especially my parents who are HIV/AIDS victims. Helping other people with the same is like helping my own.”