Mburahati Center

Mburahati is an urban ward in the costal region of Tanzania.  It has a population of 35,000. The CARE for AIDS center in Mburahati launched in 2017 at Kanusa Baptist Church. 


Health Counselor, Janet Fred Ssali

Janet began serving with CFA in 2017 because she loves helping others through counseling.  She dreams of seeing her clients working, doing business, and enjoying life.  For herself, she has begun to save money towards her own dream of building a big home for orphans.  


Spiritual Counselor, Amosi Gasper Samweli

Amosi began serving with CFA in 2017 and loves speaking from the Word of God and his own experience overcoming poverty. He wants his clients to thrive spiritually and economically.  Amosi would like to further his education and spiritual insight in order to serve others.