Manyatta Baptist

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The CARE for AIDS center in the Koyango community of Manyatta opened in 2013 in partnership with Manyatta Baptist Church. The Manyatta Baptist center is generously sponsored by the Jerry Licari Foundation in honor of Jerry’s brother, Thomas Licari.

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center staff


Medical Counselor, Juliet Atieno Omondi

Julia has been employed with CFA since 2013. She grew up in Kisumu, was the only child of a single mom. She has a deeply personal reason for joining CFA. “After my mum passed on I realized that I had no one to look after me and when I heard of CFA orphan prevention I wanted to be part of it so no child would lose his/her parent as I did.”

Spiritual Counselor, Jacob Juma Achieng

Jacob grew up in a happy family living in a slum. He has been working on mission with CFA since 2014 . His favorite part of the job is bringing people to Christ and seeing the transformation in the lives of clients.

“It is my passion to work with CFA to change my life together with the community I come from.”


center history


2013-2014 71 25 298

2014-2015 80 35 355

2015-2016 73 37 242

2016-2017 79 23 256

2017-2018 80 33 229

2018-2019 TBD TBD TBD

graduate profiles

Lucy, 2018 Manyatta Baptist Graduate:

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Lucy’s smile lights up the room- you could never imagine the hardship she has faced. When her baby girl was just 2 days old, her mother-in-law stormed into her house and said, “I am going to kill you because you are trying to kill my son [with HIV].” Lucy was forced out of the community and lived on the streets with her newborn, Tyra, for 10 months. Finally, a nurse at the hospital told her she could find help at Manyatta Baptist Church where she met center counselors Jacob and Juliet. She is still recovering from being bedridden, but she said, “All I need is my strength, and I can do anything!” She is a fighter, and we know she will live to see Tyra grow up and have kids of her own.