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Mamboleo is a slum community in Kisumu, Kenya. The CARE for AIDS center in Mamboleo launched in November of 2014 in partnership with Mamboleo Baptist Church under the leadership of Pastor Christopher Aiye.

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center staff



Lucy joined the CARE for AIDS team in 2014 and has faithfully served over 300 clients as the Health Counselor in Mamboleo.

"I love sitting with and listening to our clients. My hope is that I can make a difference in their lives."


Erik joined the CARE for AIDS team in 2015 and is passionate about his work in the Mamboleo community.

"I love when I am able to be part of a client's transformation."


center history


2014-2015 78 6 290

2015-2016 73 17 271

2016-2017 74 19 198

2017-2018 78 12 280

2018-2019 83 current TBD TBD

graduate profiles

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Jacob, 2018 Graduate:

Jacob learned he was HIV-positive in 2005. With encouragement from his wife he accepted his status and immediately began taking ARV medication. His wife and three children are all HIV-negative. Sadly, when giving birth to their last born, Jacob’s wife passed away from complications during labor.

After several years of struggling to take care of the kids on his own, Jacob joined the CARE for AIDS program at Mamboleo Baptist Church. Through the program’s one-on-one spiritual counseling, Jacob has accepted Christ as his personal savior. He’s been given a Bible and has learned a lot about how to study the different books. Every night, he opens the Bible and reads to his children before bed. He has also become a member of Mamboleo Baptist Church and takes his children with him to worship every Sunday morning.

Through the CARE for AIDS program, Jacob has learned to be more self-reliant. He no longer has to go out and look for daily work but has acquired skills in agribusiness that have allowed him to grow and sell cabbages to provide for his kids. He uses the money he makes from his business to buy his children’s school uniforms and to pay their school fees. He has also learned how to rear chickens from the program and soon hopes to begin raising and selling chickens for additional income. With any money he is able to save, he hopes to eventually be able to rebuild their home, which is currently on an slope so that water runs inside when it rains.

Before Jacob joined the CARE for AIDS program at Mamboleo Baptist Church, he had not been able to get medical treatment for an infection in his throat that was making it difficult for him to eat or drink anything. Through the medical endowment fund at CARE for AIDS, the health counselor was able to have him seen at a clinic and medicine was prescribed that has completely healed his throat. Jacob gives thanks to God for giving him the chance to be in the CARE for AIDS program and is thankful for the staff who run it.