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Makuburi is a slum community in Dar es Salaam with approximately 57,000 residents, most of whom live in extreme poverty with very little opportunity for education or work. The community has a large sex industry, which correlates with the unusually high HIV infection rate. The CARE for AIDS center in the Makuburi community opened in September of 2017 and operates in partnership with Naioth Ministry Church under the leadership of Pastor Petro Wahyungi and center counselors Boaz Mwasota and Joan Francis (pictured below). The current class of 70 HIV+ clients is on track to graduate in June. Boaz and Joan have already rejoiced with four clients who have made first-time faith decisions in the program.


center staff



Joan also joined the CARE for AIDS team in 2017 and is passionate about serving those in need. She and her husband, Gideon, have two daughters, Rebecca and Cindy.

"My dream for our clients is that they would all be healthy and happy in every situation- physically and spiritually."


Boaz joined the CARE for AIDS team in 2017. He is passionate about his work with CARE for AIDS and has done an amazing job recruiting male clients to be in the program this year.


center history

Year graduates Faith-Decisions Orphans prevented

2017-2018 65 25 140

2018-2019 74 20 60

Graduate Profiles

The CARE for AIDS center in Makuburi is supported by a community of friends in Marietta, GA. You can help support the operations at Makuburi Center by giving in the form below.