Chanika Center


The CARE for AIDS center in the Chanika community launched in October 2017. Chanika is a densely populated slum in the outskirts of Dar es Salaam with a high HIV infection rate. Stigma related to HIV/AIDS is strong in the community, and many HIV+ community members live in fear of losing their jobs and families because of their status. 

The CARE for AIDS center in Chanika operates in partnership with Power of God Church (pictured to the left) under the leadership of Pastor Dunkan Ludovic Rweikila and center counselors Happiness Gawaya and Emmanuel Kimati.


Spiritual Counselor, Emanuel Bilham Kimati   

Ibra grew up in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania.  Today he is married to Agatha, and serves with CFA as of 2017.  He loves to pray for clients, even when their circumstances seem overwhelming.  He dreams that each client will trust in Jesus and achieve their life goals. Ibra loves video and also dreams of being a cameraman and video editor.  He contributes these skills to his church, Power of God Fire Church.  He wants supporters to know "I love you so much because you made me feel respectful to people. God bless all.”