Changamwe Center


Changamwe is a suburban slum of Mombasa in Mombasa County. The area is primarily industrial, and the community is known for violent crime. During the Changamwe center launch in 2015 the center staff led 19 client through first-time faith decisions. The center in Changamwe was the third CARE for AIDS center to open in Mombasa, and we are excited to continue our work in this community. 



Medical Counselor, Joyce Kanini Musembi  

Joyce began serving with CFA in 2015, motivated by a deep desire to serve people.  Her favorite part of the job is when she can counsel clients and see that they are improving every day. 


Spiritual Counselor, John Mwamgunda Kimbio  

Pastor John is married to Lizzy and has three children.  In 2014, Pastor John joined CFA. 

“I have a passion to serve people. I want many people to know Jesus and to get new life and their life to be changed.” 


Client Story

Marriam Bakari recently went through the economic empowerment seminar about how to make liquid detergent at the CARE for AIDS center in Changamwe, and she is already selling enough to pay for her children’s school fees. Francis had just finished praying with her when this photo was taken. Marriam graduated from the program in 2015 and continues to stay in touch with the staff members and other clients.  

Donate to the CARE for AIDS center in Changamwe 

John and Kylie White have gathered their community to support the CARE for AIDS center in the Changamwe Community. Through the CARE for AIDS center, 80 HIV+ community members per year will be empowered to take control of their disease through medical counseling, spiritual counseling, economic empowerment and social support.