Central Center

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The CARE for AIDS center at Central Baptist Church in Kasagam, Kisumu opened in 2013. 


Medical Counselor: Anne Otieno

Anne began serving with CFA in 2015 and is motivated by his own family experience. 

“I had a hard life in a polygamous family, which led to the death of my dad, mother and stepmother by HIV. Back then I did not have any knowledge about HIV. I decided to seek learn about the disease so that I could help others.  I want them to know, even though it is a hard life, they do not to have to die but can live a life beyond AIDS.”


Spiritual Counselor: Joseph Lumumba

Joseph, who is married to Vivian, has served with CFA since 2012.  He knows the struggle of orphans first hand, growing up in an orphanage after his parents died when he was young. Now he loves to teach the word of God and counsel others.  He wants clients to grow and be empowered in order to take care of their loved ones.