Ahero Center

Ahero is a community in Kisumu with an extremely high infection rate- there are nearly 4,000 residents currently on ARV treatment in Ahero, and the community is highly affected by stigma. The CARE for AIDS center in Ahero opened in October of 2015. 


Medical Counselor: Vallary Achieng Oyando

Val began serving with CFA in 2015. Her favorite part of the job is seeing clients transformed, especially the bedridden.  She is inspired when they are empowered, starting an income generating activity and providing for their families.

“I have always wanted to touch people’s lives, especially the vulnerable, in a different way because I believe I have a compassionate heart. I also like to see community transform positively and get rid of AIDS.”


Spiritual Counselor: Erick Edwin Ouma Osuka  

Erick was raised by his grandmother, after the death of both his parents.  Today he is married with a child of his own.  He joined with CFA in 2016 as an opportunity to serve, to reach out to souls and to win them to Christ. He dreams that the clients will be God-fearing, prayerful and spirit filled people who will be living to fulfill God’s purpose on earth. For himself, he dreams of being a source of encouragement to someone and increase his own spiritual knowledge so he might help even more.