Baba Dogo Center

Community Profile

Baba Dogo is a slum community located in the industrial district of Nairobi- high rates of poverty and prostitution contribute to the growing HIV prevalence throughout the community. CARE for AIDS began engaging with the Baba Dogo community in September of 2018. We are currently in the outreach phase of the CARE for AIDS program and staff are creating community partnerships, proving education and testing, and searching for a long-term local church partner.


Center staff

Jared, HEALTH Counselor

Jared joined the CARE for AIDS team in September of 2018 as the Health Counselor in Baba Dogo. Before CARE for AIDS, Jared worked as an HIV counselor at a local clinic. His passion for serving those living with HIV and his medical expertise have made him incredibly effective at recruiting and working alongside clients in the Baba Dogo community.

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Margaret, SPIRITUAL Counselor

Margaret joined the CARE for AIDS team in January 2019 as the Spiritual Counselor for our center in Baba Dogo. She is passionate about her work and has an obvious heart for the marginalized.

center history

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2018-2019 80 current clients TBD TBD

Graduate Profiles

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