Kariobangi Center

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Kariobangi is a low-income residential estate in northeastern Nairobi, Kenya. CARE for AIDS opened their first center in this community in early 2014. Each CARE for AIDS center operates from within a local church, and serves 80 HIV+ clients each year. 


center staff

Medical Counselor: FLORENCE WAMBUI

Florence joined the CARE for AIDS team as Kariobangi Center’s Health Counselor in 2018. She is well loved by clients and does an incredible job encouraging clients along their health journey toward a life beyond AIDS.

Spiritual Counselor, Marvin Musili Mitau

“In 1997 my favorite uncle died because he had HIV/AIDS and five years later his wife died. The separation of my family and losing my uncle and having no one to care for me was all very difficult. I feel God made me pass through all this to prepare me for His people. I want to give hope to the hopeless and tell them all is not lost despite their current situation.”


center history


2013-2014 79 15 347

2014-2015 53 9 300

2015-2016 58 12 159

2016-2017 76 25 263

2018-2019 62 23 250

gradaute profiles

Andrew joshua, 2019 Kariobangi Graduate:


Andrew Joshua joined the CARE for AIDS program in January of 2019. He had been diagnosed with a brain tumor, and his health was deteriorating quickly because of the combination of the tumor and his HIV status. Andrew joined the program with his wife (pictured) and they fully committed themselves to the program- neither missed a seminar or a center day throughout the nine months. When Andrew told the CFA counselors about his tumor diagnosis, they referred him to the Regional Health Officer, Nahashon, who was able to speak with his doctors and connect him to the care he needed to keep the tumor from progressing. Andrew is now on a monthly medication that manages his pain and prevents further tumor growth. He is excited to be healthy and active and we are praying with him and his wife that he will continue to heal so they can both thrive as a family and live lives beyond AIDS.

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Dorcas, 2018 Kariobangi Graduate:

Dorcas graduated from the CARE for AIDS program in Kariobagi in July. She is 70 years old and has struggled with stigma related to her HIV status for many years. When she joined CARE for AIDS, she realized she is not alone. She has overcome her stigma and is now a proud, confident leader in her community. Throughout the nine-month program, Dorcas learned many skills to help her earn money- her favorite skill is making purses, bags, hats, and art from recycled plastic (see picture below). We believe Dorcas has many happy, healthy years ahead of her. Join us in praying for her continued health and success.

This center is primarily funded by a group in Cobb County, a Northern suburb of Atlanta, GA. This team of supporters has rallied together through monthly giving and hosting memorable events to support the annual operating costs of this center.


Donate to the Kariobangi Center

A message from the Kariobangi fundraising team: It costs $25 per month to support an HIV+ client and his or her family thorough the program. Please consider joining our team by giving a one-time donation or committing to a monthly donation (of any amount) to support the clients at the CARE for AIDS center in Kariobangi, Kenya.