Kangemi Center

Kangemi is a slum on the Northwestern outskirts of Nairobi, along the Nakuru Highway. It is very densely populated and includes many residents who commute into Nairobi to find work. Its high density and extreme poverty has led to a high infection rate. 



Health Counselor: Esther Murage 

Esther and her husband Charles have two daughters and live near the CARE for AIDS partner church in Kangemi. She is a certified pharmacist, and before working with CARE for AIDS she ran a small pharmacy business. Esther serves “Because I lost my cousin, Esther, to HIV/AIDS before when I was young. How I regretted I had not known about the HIV. I would have stood with her, encourage her and see her take herself positively."


Spiritual Counselor: David Gitonga

David and his wife Dorcas have two daughters and one son. Before joining the CARE for AIDS team, David worked as a night guard and volunteered regularly with our partner church. David has a huge heart and enjoys his work with CARE for AIDS. 

“Through your support, we are eliminating orphans in our community. Many people gave their lives to God. We bless God because of you, brethren.”


client story


Peninah is 28 and she and her husband, Oscar, have three children, Danielson, 5 months; Derrick, 7; and Velma, 3. Her oldest, Patrick, is 10, attends school, and is HIV+. Her husband is a casual worker. They have a kitten and chicks. Their home is a tin structure and has 2 chairs, a couch, a table and a curtained bed. It’s decorated with posters of soccer and Jesus and calendars.

Her first husband died; he was HIV+. Her current husband in negative. She found out her status when she was pregnant with Derrick. They took the HIV test together. At the time, the doctor asked her husband if he wanted to stay with her. He challenged her husband to say so in advance and not hurt her later.

Peninah studied through her 8th grade exams, then moved to the city for work as household help. They have been in this home for 6 years. She likes the low rent. She is not employed.

She raises chickens, and recently sold 4 for 600 shillings for a party. She considers Esther and David good friends, teaching her God’s word. She is learning to make detergent and beads.

Peninah is saved. She was initially shocked when she found out about her status but knows others in the same situation.

Prayers for Peninah:

  • She will get a job
  • Health for children
  • For her husband to continue to work