Gachie Center

Gachie is a community on the outskirts of Nairobi close to the Westlands neighborhood. Many of the residents commute into the city to work casual jobs on the compounds of wealthy Kenyans or expats. Because of its proximity to the city, the community is known for its high rates of crime and violence. CARE for AIDS started a center in Gachie in partnership with Deliverance Church in May of 2010. John Mugwe and Sarah Kimotho (pictured below) have served as the center's Spiritual and Health Counselors since the center's launch in 2010. 


client story

This is the story of Aplhine Adoyo Ngon. A single mother of two (19yrs and 8yrs) and one grandchild. Early 2000, Alphine’s husband had developed full blown AIDS. He had no chance, at least not after years of living in denial of his HIV status. 

Alphine was pregnant with her second born when her husband died. A week later she delivered the baby and a week later the baby died. Her husband death didn't come as a surprise to her, but the sudden death of her baby disturbed her to the core. She decided to seek medical attention soon after the burial of the baby. It was then that she tested HIV positive. She lived in denial because she did not have any symptoms or ailments to suggest otherwise.

She returned to Nairobi to hustle and move on with her life. Months later, she started getting ill every now and then. She didn't notice she had lost a lot of weight until her usual cloths looked so oversize. At one point she was bedridden and abandoned by her friends. She managed to get herself to hospital where she was put on drugs and by that time her CD4 count was 3. At this time, HIV drugs were not free of charge. She begun to talk to herself saying “I will not die” to the point that the doctors nicknamed her “I will not die”. She would hustle trying to make ends meet; feeding her children, paying for school fees, house rent and other financial obligations.

A friend of Alphine introduced her to our CFA center at Gachie. Her patience and the will to go on paid off. It was at the CFA center that she met people who care. She was recruited for the 2015/2016 class. She made her first faith decision to follow Jesus during the first few months of the program. She went through all the 18 seminars and finally graduated. 

Today she is a seamstress, fishmonger and a green grocer. She has been able to educate her children, able to pay for her house rent, has managed to employ two people to help her with her small businesses. 

She has since joined a support group under the CFA post graduate group formation at Gachie center. There she and her colleagues meet every second week for fellowship, therapy sessions and financial support among themselves. They can access credit and repay at a small interest rate.

“I would probably not be alive had it not been for CFA’s intervention.”