Bandani Center

The CARE for AIDS center in the Bandani community in Kisumu opened in February of 2015 and operates in partnership with Deliverance Church Bandani under the leadership of Pastor George Omollo. The most recent class of 79 clients graduated in April of 2018. Bandani center's Spiritual Counselor, Bernard Wandera, rejoiced with 30 clients as they made first-time faith decisions throughout the nine-month program.


Spiritual Counselor, Bernard Wandera:

Bernard joined the CARE for AIDS team in 2015. He and his wife, Elizabeth, have two children and live in the Bandani community.

"I love working at CARE for AIDS because it allows me to help transform people's lives."

client story

Polycarp is a recent graduate of Bandani center in Kisumu. He is 52 years old and is married with seven children. Polycarp found out that he was HIV-positive in 2005, and immediately disclosed this information to his family. Thankfully, they all tested negative. A few years after his diagnosis, Polycarp learned about the CARE for AIDS program at Bandani. Through one-on-one counseling with Bernard, the spiritual counselor at Bandani center, Polycarp became a believer in Jesus Christ during the nine-month program. He has since become a member of Airport Deliverance Church, and he appreciates that the church embraces and accepts people the way they are. Through the church and CARE for AIDS program, Polycarp has learned what grace looks like and is now accepting of his HIV status and no longer lives in shame.

Polycarp is combining the beadwork and doormat making skills he learned in the program to generate a steady income. He is creating unique products like wall hangings and door decorations in addition to the typical jewelry items made with beads. Polycarp is thriving, and has committed to staying connected with his fellow graduates long after graduation. He and his family have found hope and community in the church and through the CARE for AIDS program.

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