a poem by CARE for AIDS Development Engagement Manager Melanie Passons

What was it like?

Where did you go?

What did you see?

What’s there to know?

Just a few of the questions upon a return from a trip that would cause any wrecked heart to burn.

Burn for the clients, courageous and strong, whose lives now are joyous, now healthy and long.

Burn for the children who proudly stand by watching to learn, to exemplify.

Burn for the churches that open their doors to those who are hurting. Those desperate for more.

Burn to be part of what God has in store for those who were outcast, now steeped in vigor.

There isn’t a day, now, that ever goes by without the heart yearning to sing its reply

To Share how God’s moving in ways so untold

To invite them to join,

Watch His glory unfold.