This morning’s post is a beautiful reflection from CARE for AIDS supporter and friend, Laura Gravitt.

She is beautiful and strong. And yet, she feels unattractive and weak. She has lost so much weight from being sick. The simple task of lifting her body from her cot each morning is becoming increasingly hard. She is tired of feeling tired. Who can She tell? Who will listen?

She is brave and fiercely protective of her children. And yet, she is scared and knows in her heart they are not safe. She fears this sickness will take her. What happens to her children when she can’t be there for them? All 5 of them. 5 Littles are young. They need her. She must be brave. She is their hope. She longs to see them have a secure future. How can She succeed? Who will help?

She is proud and capable. And yet, she is ashamed of her withering body. She lacks energy to properly care for 5 Littles. She knows they are hungry for more than She can give them. Does anyone have extra food to share? Who will care?

She is willing to work and must work hard. 5 Littles must eat. She tries to sell vegetables, but no one wants to buy what She is selling. She is shunned by her community. They turn a blind eye. She is invisible. Worse, She is dying.  How can She buy medicine? Who will see?

She is sure of many things. She is sure she loves 5 Littles. She is sure She wants to have hope and a future. And yet, She has no hope and is unsure of her future. She is unsure of how long She will be able to take care of 5 Littles. She is unsure of how She will survive in a world that seems darker each passing day. Surely, there is someone who can show her a better way, a better life. But who? Who? 

Then, She is seen by CARE for AIDS. She is heard. She is helped. She is cared for and loved. She receives wise counsel, medicine, and food for her family. She is taught a new trade which will supply money to care for 5 Littles. CARE for AIDS knows there is LIFE BEYOND AIDS. She is valuable in God’s eyes; therefore, She is valuable to CARE for AIDS.

She is redeemed.

She is renewed.

She has hope and a future.

We want to invite you to join our team across East Africa and the US in praying for our clients and their nations during this season of Lent. You can access our six week Lenten Prayer Guide here.