Abdallah's First Bible

There are currently 600 Muslim clients in the CARE for AIDS program across Kenya and Tanzania. Many of these clients have never been exposed to the Gospel, and we are so honored to walk with them in their faith journies. Abdallah is one of our clients who recently graduated and is experiencing God in a new way because of the program. 

Abdallah Kazungu is a single father of three. He joined the CARE for AIDS program in Mtopanga, Mombasa after being referred there by the local clinic. As a dedicated Muslim, he was hesitant to participate in the spiritual counseling sessions, but he soon warmed up to the idea of connecting with the counselors and his classmates about spiritual growth. He even asked for a Bible that he could read at home with his children. 

Abdallah graduated from the CARE for AIDS program in August and has learned all of the skills necessary to care for himself.

"Through the program, I have been able to overcome fear and stigma and now live a happy, healthy, and peaceful life."