Hope Through Healing

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Caroline is an orphan. Her parents and only brother passed away when she was young. Without any family alive to help, the church became her family and her main source of help. Caroline has had stomach pain for almost seven years. It escalated to the point that she was having difficulty urinating, couldn’t sleep and had to get around by crawling on her knees as standing upright was too painful. When Caroline went to the doctor about her issues, she found out about her HIV status. Sadly, when they found out her status, Caroline’s church rejected her. She felt deserted, completely alone and even considered taking her own life.

One of Caroline’s friends is a former client of the CARE for AIDS program and took her to meet Judy, the health counselor at Dandora center. Judy immediately enrolled Caroline in the program. Not long after entering the program, Caroline started bleeding and Judy took her to the hospital to be examined. Unfortunately, the doctors were on strike and no care was available, but Judy was determined to find help for Caroline.

Caroline did not have medical insurance, so Judy enrolled her in the national health insurance program (NHIF) through assistance from the CARE for AIDS medical endowment fund and sent Caroline to a different hospital to receive care. At this new hospital, Caroline found out that an operation needed to be performed urgently on her stomach to remove a growth and stop her bleeding. Thanks to her new health insurance, her coverage enabled her to immediately go in for the operation. 

“Praise the Lord,” Caroline says, “Even though I am sick, I am thankful to now be getting better. There are others, like me, who also need help and cannot find any. I am so thankful for the help of CARE for AIDS. I am taking my medicine and I know I am going to get well. Life is precious. Praise the Lord.”

Caroline is asking for prayer as she continues to heal from surgery so that she can get back to her normal life and be able to work again to provide for herself.

A small gift to CARE for AIDS can make a huge difference in a client's life. Enrolling Caroline into NHIF only cost $85 and allowed her to get life-saving surgery. You can give to help clients like Caroline here.