Ongoing Empowerment

This morning's post is from Nairobi East Regional Empowerment Coordinator, Cate Kiare. 

In Nairobi East, we have seven facilitators who we engage on a monthly basis to facilitate economic empowerment seminars for clients at the CARE for AIDS centers. The facilitators are all former clients who were excellent in the various skills they now teach. We engage them every month for training and we meet with all of them in the Limuru office for a meeting every first week of the month. During the meeting they are able to share how the training has been, any challenges encountered, and areas they see for improvement in the economic empowerment process. The empowerment department facilitates the meeting each month and listens to their concerns.

The highlight of the meeting for me is when the facilitators share about their personal lives and request for prayers from our team. They are also able to offer advice to each other and the bond between them increases as they work together as facilitators, even if they weren't classmates at the same center when they were clients. At the end of last year, the Nairobi East facilitators agreed to start visiting each other in their homes to share a cup of tea. During the visits, they decided to teach each other the skills they tech current clients at the various centers in Nairobi. This has been so beneficial, particularly because one of our male facilitators has now learned beadmaking. He can now encourage and inspire our current male clients to do beadwork- a skill many male clients feel might be too feminine of a skill to embrace. 

These seven facilitators have even started to save money amongst themselves- they each contribute one thousand shillings every month and a member borrows the cash to return it with a 10% interest. This helps to grow the facilitator’s savings, boost their finances, and increase trust among them.

The facilitators have grown tremendously through this process, and their seminar delivery has improved. Furthermore, they have become friends, and their approach towards life is more positive. We love seeing our former clients continuing to empower themselves and invest in their own futures at the same time as they are training and investing clients who have come through the program behind them. We join in the cry of our clients and say, “long live CFA!

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