Long Live Mom!

This morning's blog post comes from CARE for AIDS intern, Anna Wilke. 


Eunice is a current client at our Ngando center in Nairobi and is the mother of three beautiful children- two daughters, and one son. Before entering the CARE for AIDS program, Eunice was unemployed because of her HIV status. Even while unemployed Eunice found a way to provide for her children. Since joining the program, Eunice, with the help of her brother, has found a way to pay for her two daughters to go to primary school. While in the CARE for AIDS program, Eunice has learned how to make soap and plans to start her own business using this skill in order to support her family. Eunice is joyful and she is very hopeful for her future and the future of her family.


Judy recently graduated from the CARE for AIDS program. Before Judy entered the CARE for AIDS program she was hit by a matatu and ended up in the hospital with a badly broken leg. While in the hospital Judy found out her HIV-positive status. After finding out her status and having to spend all her savings on treatment for her leg, Judy’s husband left and her children had to go stay with Judy’s mother since Judy couldn’t care for them with a broken leg. Judy said after her time in the hospital she had lost her husband, her children, and her joy. While in the CARE for AIDS program Judy found Jesus and a hope for her future she never had before. Judy has confidence that her leg will heal, she will go back to work, and she will be able to bring her children home and where she can care for them and watch them grow up.

Thanks to your generosity over the years, CARE for AIDS has been able to empower thousands of hardworking, strong mamas like Judy and Eunice. As you celebrate Mother's Day with your family and friends this weekend, take a moment to remember and honor the strong mothers who have graduated from the CARE for AIDS program, those who are currently in the program, and those future clients who we will serve together in the years to come! 

 You can help us empower moms in East Africa this Mother's Day! Learn more here.